Join The Defense and help restore
freedom for innocent Texans

The Defense is Innocence Project of Texas’s monthly donation group – a community of passionate and determined individuals committed to freeing the innocent.

People just like you commit to funding the mission of Innocence Project of Texas every single month.

There are between 3000-9000 innocent Texans in prison today. The Defense is committed to changing that.

“IPTX believed me. They told me they weren’t going to quit until they saw me walk free. The innocence movement is a part of who I am. Until my last days, I will be a part of this work.”

Johnny Pinchback Exoneree & IPTX Board Member
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Systemic Failures Have Wrongly
Imprisoned Thousands of
Innocent Texans.

The Generosity of Their Fellow Citizens Can Provide Them
The Freedom They Deserve.

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