Launching a social media-driven fundraising initiative is one of the easiest and most effective ways to generate funds on behalf of Innocence Project of Texas and our mission. While this guide is specific to Facebook and other Meta-owned platforms like Instagram, the fundamentals are universally applicable. If you’d love to host an in-person fundraising event, please contact

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Getting Started

Facebook walks users through a three-step process when launching a fundraiser, no matter which Meta platform you’re using. The steps outlined below provide some guidance as well as a jumping-off point with regard to visual approach and messaging language. However, you know your fundraising audience better than we do, so feel free to customize your message in a way that honors our mission and generates a response from those you are trying to reach.


01/ Fundraiser Basics

Who are you raising money for?

Select Innocence Project of Texas from the list of nonprofits. If you’re searching by profile handle, particularly in Instagram use cases, search for @innocencetexas.

How much money do you want to raise?

Set a goal that inspires supporters to help you reach it. You don’t have to reach your goal for Innocence Project of Texas to receive the money.

When should your fundraiser end?

Pick a deadline and announce milestones along the way to build support. Example “5 days left!” “Only $90 until I reach my goal. Thank you for helping!” You should pick a deadline that gives your fundraiser enough time to circulate within your community but is soon enough to create a sense of urgency.


02/ Tell Your Story and Share Our Mission

What is the title of your fundraiser?

You have creative freedom here, but we recommend something brief, clear, and concise. If you’re looking for suggestions, titles with past success include:

  • Exonerate and Free Wrongfully Convicted People
  • Advocate for Criminal Justice Reform

It’s important that the title create a sense of urgency among your audience while also clearly describing the issue.

What are you raising money for?

In addition to sharing the mission at a high level through your fundraiser title, a brief summary of the organization you’re raising funds for (Innocence Project of Texas) is also necessary. Some brief suggestions include

  • Please join me in supporting the Innocence Project of Texas (IPTX). IPTX provides investigation and legal assistance to Texas citizens who were convicted of crimes they did not commit.
  • IPTX advocates for the adoption of laws to improve (reform) the criminal justice system and prevent wrongful convictions.
  • IPTX Vision: No person shall have their liberty wrongly taken from them.


03 / Pick A Cover Photo

The piece of visual content you use when setting up your fundraiser should be eye-catching and speak to the vision of Innocence Project of Texas. Images and graphics used on this website can be a great starting point.


We sincerely appreciate your interest in fundraising on behalf of Innocence Project of Texas and the people whose release and exoneration is our ultimate goal.

Our work would not be possible without the generosity of motivated individuals like you.

Additional Resources:

The items below provide a quick, at-a-glance overview of who we are and what our advocacy is all about. We encourage you to use the resources to inform yourself and others.

IPTX: Who We Are IPTX: Advocacy

Systemic Failures Have Wrongly
Imprisoned Thousands of Texans.

The Generosity of Their Fellow Citizens Can Provide Them
The Freedom They Deserve.

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