How to submit a case to Innocence Texas

To be true to our mission, Innocence Texas can only review cases that meet the following tests:

  • You must be claiming actual innocence (either no crime happened or a crime did happen but you had nothing to do with it).

  • Your conviction is a felony (we do not review misdemeanor cases).

  • Your conviction took place in a Texas state court (we do not review federal cases).

  • You have completed your direct appeals (your case is in "post-conviction" status).

To be true to our mission, Innocence Texas is unable to assist with:

  • General requests for legal help

  • Pending criminal cases (defendant has not yet been convicted)

  • Requests for educational materials

  • Any other matters that do not involve a claim of actual innocence

If you would like Innocence Texas to evaluate a case, please write us a letter (include the prisoner’s TDCJ number). Briefly tell us about the case. Be very careful to tell us specific information that you believe supports an actual innocence claim.

If the case meets the requirements above and describes a reasonable possibility of actual innocence, we will be in touch to collect more information and continue the review process.

Mailing Address
Innocence Project of Texas
300 Burnett Street, Suite 160
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

We do not accept requests for assistance via email, phone, or fax.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to review my actual innocence claim?

Innocence Texas performs its service at no charge. Our work is supported by the generosity of our donors, for which we are eternally grateful.

If I submit a request for assistance, does IPTX become my lawyer?

Innocence Texas is not your lawyer while we are reviewing your case. We will be your lawyer if actual innocence is confirmed and your case is approved for legal services by our case review committee.

How long does the investigation process take? When will my claim be reviewed?

We have a long list of cases in line to be reviewed. Once we reach your case on our waiting list, you will be notified in writing that our review has begun. We can't give a specific time period because of the number of requests for assistance and because each case that we do work on is different. Some take a lot more work than others. We are trying very hard to increase our resources to work on more cases.

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