Start a Fundraiser

Setting up a fundraiser in Facebook is easy. Facebook walks you through three “windows” or steps. We describe those steps below and give you the appropriate directions and/or suggested language to use. Feel free to modify our suggestions as you think best to communicate effectively with your community!

Step #1: Let's start with the basics

Who are you raising money for?

Select Innocence Project of Texas from the list of nonprofits.


How much money do you want to raise?

Set a goal that inspires supporters to help you reach it. You don't have to reach your goal to receive the money.


When should your fundraiser end?

Pick a deadline and announce milestones along the way to build support. Example "5 days left!" You should pick a deadline that gives your fundraiser enough time to circulate within your community, but is soon enough to create a sense of urgency.

Step #2: Tell your story

What is the title of your fundraiser?

If you can't think of a title, try "Help Free Innocent Prisoners in Texas."


What are you raising money for? Here's an example:

Please join me in supporting the Innocence Project of Texas (IPTX). IPTX provides investigation and legal assistance to Texas citizens who were convicted of crimes they did not commit. They:

  • Restore citizen liberty that was unjustly taken

  • Reconnect families torn apart by injustice

  • Defend freedom in our democracy

  • Promote accuracy and fairness in our criminal justice process

Since they started in 2007, IPTX has secured freedom for 15 innocent people who were trapped in Texas prisons. They need our help to continue their critical work. Your contribution of $50 or more will help IPTX help more innocent people faster. As it is now, it takes years to correct these tragic mistakes. We can help change that.


Step #3: Pick a cover photo

We highly recommend using one of our illustrations below. Alternatively, you can choose a high-resolution photo of your choice that you think helps tell your story. You can add more photos to your fundraiser once it's been published.

Once you are done with Window/Step #3, you click the “create” button you’re off and running.


Photo Kit:

Need a photo for your fundraiser?
Right-click to download any of these high-resolution illustrations and photos.

Ready to get started?