New Look, Same Innocence Project of Texas

Monday, January 15 2018

Today we launch our new and improved website. What you see is part of a comprehensive effort to communicate more effectively across all our digital channels (website, Facebook Twitter, etc.). Our goal is twofold: to tell the continuing story of wrongful convictions in Texas and to attract financial support to help free the innocent.

We are driven by the urgent need to help more victims of wrongful conviction faster. We’ve been at this now for over ten years and it still takes years and years and thousands and thousands of dollars to push a case across the freedom line.

For every exoneree that comes home, there are scores of innocent prisoners still waiting for our help. It doesn’t come easy. And it doesn’t come cheap.

The reality is that nonprofit sector has taken up the flag in the fight to free the innocent. And the truth is that government has invested very little to help find and correct these tragic mistakes.

We have evaluated every possible way we could financially power our ongoing work. There was only one source that ended up making any sense to us: the individual donor, the backbone of philanthropy. Or more directly, YOU.

To raise money from individuals like you, we know we need to 1) serve our mission honorably 2) create positive and enduring relationships with our stakeholders 3) manage our money responsibly and 4) be open and transparent in all that we do.

Our new and improved website is a major step forward in our journey to serve the innocent. And in our quest to nurture a mutually rewarding dialog with you.

We hope you like what you see. We welcome your feedback. And we appreciate your interest in and support for what we do.