National Basketball Coach's Association Joins the Innocence Movement

Wednesday, August 08 2018

Today, the Innocence Network, which is made up of Innocence Projects across the nation, including ITX, formally teamed up with the National Basketball Coaches Association and NBA Voices to build a greater understanding about wrongful convictions.

While this collaboration involves many, one of its most prominent voices has been that of Gregg Popovich, Head Coach for the San Antonio Spurs. Coach Popovich attended an Innocence Network Conference in San Antonio in 2016. At that conference, he heard about the cases of Sunny Jacobs (who nearly lost her life on death row); Eugene Vent of the Fairbanks Four (who, as a teenager, falsely confessed to murder); and ITX's own San Antonio Four.

Last October, as part of Wrongful Conviction Day, Coach Popovich, along with Coach Rick Carlisle, Coach Steve Kerr, and NBA players released a PSA discussing the problem of wrongful convictions. You can find a link to those videos here.

With this new partnership, members of the Innocence Network hope to build a greater public understanding of the issues that contribute to wrongful convictions, which include eyewitness misidentification, false confessions, racial inequality, and more.