ITX Client Ed Ates Parole Approved

Monday, April 02 2018

by Allison Clayton, ITX Attorney representing Ed Ates.

I am so incredibly pleased to announce that Innocence Texas client Edward Ates has been approved for release on parole! Almost 20 years ago, Ed was sent to prison for a crime I believe he did not commit. His wife, Kimberly Miller, was 5 months pregnant when Ed was wrongly sent to prison. His daughter was just 2 years old. Ed missed his kids growing up; Kim missed having her husband by her side. While those years can never be replaced, Ed, Kim, and their children can now, at last, begin their lives together.

All of this started because one man (and his army) understood that good people can make a difference in this world when they fight for truth and for justice. Even if the fight consists of just listening and becoming educated about a case - showing up matters. Truth & Justice Army, you are a source of inspiration and hope for me - a reminder that there are good people in the world and in every walk of life who still care. This good thing has happened to a good man and his precious family because of you. You are the difference makers. Bob RuffTruth And Justice Podcast Fans.

Also, I have to brag on my colleague Roger Nichols. Roger is an outstanding parole attorney in Texas. Man, does this guy know his craft. Roger took on Ed's case for free, and he did an incredible job. How many people sentenced to 99 years who steadfastly say "I am innocent and I will not say I accept responsibility for this crime" do you think get released after 20 years? Not many - and not without a miracle worker. Working with Roger and seeing him work his magic (for truly that is what it was) on a difficult case was an absolute joy. I suspect one day Roger may regret doing such a great job - now that I know how good he is, you can bet I'm going to be going to back to him for help with other clients.

Finally, understand that the lion's share of the work in Ed's case is done through the Texas Tech School of Law's Innocence Clinic. Clinic students have put in an incredible amount of time working through Ed's case and finding and fighting for evidence we believe proves Ed's innocence. Janet Judith MorenoKristen GaviganChris NisttahuzRyley T BennettAshleigh HammerRudy MoisiucMercedes Janne' TorresBrandon King. Our Clinic thrives because we have the support of incredible people, professors, and administrators. Dean Jack Nowlin, Patrick S. Metze, and Darby Dickerson. And of course the backbone of all we do is the Innocence Project of Texas and our Executive Director Michael WareInnocence Texas.

We will continue to fight for Ed's exoneration. But for just a moment we will bask in the joy of Ed's release into the waiting arms of his friends and family.