IPTX Law School Clinics Start Spring Semester

Monday, January 14 2019

It takes well-trained attorneys (almost always working pro bono) to get exonerations. That is why we are passionate about training up future generations of lawyers in how to do innocence litigation.

Every year, IPTX hosts Innocence Clinics at both the Texas A&M School of Law (taught by our Executive Director Mike Ware) and the Texas Tech School of Law (taught by our Deputy Director Allison Clayton) . Our student attorneys do an immense amount of vital work for our clients. In exchange, they learn about how our criminal justice system fails and what it takes to set things right again. Students leave our clinics better attorneys, ready to join the fight after their own admission to the bar.

This week, both clinics formally kick off their Spring Semesters. We cannot wait to see what the next several months hold for our student warriors.