IPTX Advocates for Yankton 4

Wednesday, October 31 2018

Over 20 years ago, 4 Sioux Native American men from the Yankton Reservation were wrongly convicted and sent to federal prison. They have been there ever since. IPTX has joined with attorneys from across the nation to advocate for justice for the Yankton 4. Today, in Sioux Falls, SD, Executive Director Mike Ware and Deputy Director Allison Clayton were in court, urging the district court that originally sentenced the men all those years ago to reconsider. They were joined by members of the family, media, and other attorneys who have been working on the case. South Dakota is a little outside of IPTX’s normal jurisdiction, but the law created in this case could impact cases across the nation - including here in Texas. Simply put, justice for the Yankton 4 is not only the right thing to do, but it’s good for Texas innocence cases, so of course we are in the thick of it!