Year End Newsletter 12/3/18

Monday, December 10 2018

One of our favorite things at the Innocence Project of Texas is reuniting families with their loved ones for the holidays - holidays that for decades have been spent apart.

IPTX Celebrates Expungement of San Antonio 4 Convictions

Monday, December 03 2018

The Innocence Project of Texas is pleased to announce the convictions of its clients Kristie Mayhugh, Elizabeth Ramirez, Cassandra Rivera and Anna Vasquez (the San Antonio 4) were, today, officially expunged.

IPTX Celebrates Exoneration

Monday, November 26 2018

The Innocence Clinic at Texas Tech School of Law celebrated today with Jesse Griffith. Mr. Griffith was exonerated last year, and just earlier this month IPTX through the Clinic secured a complete expungement of the conviction.

IPTX Deputy Director Receives Prestigious Award

Friday, November 02 2018

IPTX’s Deputy Director, Allison Clayton, was recognized today by the National Legal Aid and Defender Association for her work with IPTX and her dedication to the indigent.

IPTX Advocates for Yankton 4

Wednesday, October 31 2018

Today, IPTX was in federal court in South Dakota advocating for 4 Sioux Native American men wrongly convicted over 20 years ago.

IPTX Joins the Plea to Congress for More Support of Innocence-Favorable Legislation

Friday, October 26 2018

IPTX joins the plea to Congress for increased funding of programs in support of innocence work and of advancements in forensic sciences.

ITX Client Ed Ates Released on Parole

Wednesday, September 05 2018

IPTX client Edward Ates just walked out of prison into the arms of his family after 20 years of incarceration.

ITX Executive Director Pleads for Reason and Justice

Wednesday, August 15 2018

In an article released today in the Waco Tribune-Herald, ITX Executive Director Mike Ware discusses the frustrating position taken by the district attorney in the Joe Bryan case.

National Basketball Coach's Association Joins the Innocence Movement

Wednesday, August 08 2018

Today the Innocence Network (of which ITX is an active participant) formally announced a partnership with the National Basketball Coaches Association and NBA Voices in an effort to build the public's awareness about the reality and causes of wrongful convictions.

ITX Secures Another Exoneration

Wednesday, August 01 2018

You would think being interviewed by police several miles away would be a pretty good alibi for a burglary. But you would be wrong. Today, ITX has obtained a formal exoneration of its client Timmy Duke, a man who had an airtight alibi and was still wrongly convicted.

Forensic Science Commission Determines Science Used to Convict ITX Client was "Egregiously Wrong"

Tuesday, July 24 2018

In this article, Pamela Colloff of ProPublica details the recent, staggering development in the case of ITX client Joe Bryan and the junk science used to convict him.

ProPublica/New York Times Investigates Validity of ITX Client's Conviction

Friday, June 01 2018

Over thirty years ago, Joe Bryan’s wife was murdered. Joe claimed he was innocent - at a conference over 100 miles away at the time. Bloodstain analysis, however, linked Joe to the crime. In this two-part investigative series, Pamela Colloff explores the crime, conviction, and junk science used to send Joe to prison for the rest of his life.

Today is 10 Year Anniversary of Timothy Cole DNA Test Results

Saturday, May 19 2018

Today marks a decade since officials formally learned what Cory Session and his family have always known: DNA evidence proved that his brother Timothy Cole, who died in prison from an asthma attack in 1999, had been unjustly convicted of rape more than a decade earlier.

ITX Client Ed Ates Parole Approved

Monday, April 02 2018

We repost here the announcement of ITX client Ed Ates' parole by his ITX attorney Allison Clayton. The fight for his exoneration continues, but for now Ed will be reunited with his family and can breathe in the scent of freedom.

2017 National Registry of Exonerations Report Features Three ITX Cases

Sunday, March 18 2018

New Look, Same Innocence Project of Texas

Monday, January 15 2018

Today we launch our new and improved website. What you see is part of a comprehensive effort to communicate more effectively across all our digital channels (website, Facebook Twitter, etc.). Our goal is twofold: to tell the continuing story of wrongful convictions in Texas and to attract financial support to help free the innocent.

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Overturns Murder Conviction of Innocence Texas Client

Wednesday, January 10 2018

This is reposted from the Innocence Project (New York City), our partner in this case.

IPTX Meets with the New Dallas County District Attorney

Monday, January 09 2017

IPTX met with the new Dallas County District Attorney to discuss the causes of wrongful conviction and the work of the District Attorney to ensure that innocent people are not in prison.

Texas Exonerations in 2016 - Update

Monday, May 23 2016

Ten of the eleven exonerations in Texas so far this year are drug possession cases in Harris County. These are cases where defendants pled guilty before the alleged "drugs" were tested. Testing later proved that the substances in their possession at the time of their arrest were not drugs.

Falsely convicted Bedford grandfather now a free man

Sunday, May 22 2016

John Nolly, 42, was released from prison on Tuesday, May 17 after spending 19 years incarcerated for a murder he did not commit.